Where to start? The first thing when thinking about future training in the gym you need to make sure that the body is able to withstand future loads. After consultation with doctors and making sure that no contraindications have been identified, you can safely draw up an individual strategy.

Sports diet

A very important role in the recruitment of muscle mass is diet. Success is 70% dependent on your nutrition. So that should take care of the preparation of a good diet.

Important rules diet

1. Reusable food. You should increase the daily amount of food consumed, dividing it into several stages. This will ensure continuous blood flow of nutrients. If you try to overpower the same amount of food for 3 doses, then this will result in the accumulation of fat that to lose in such a high-calorie diet would be impossible.

2. High calorie content. Pick foods with the highest caloric content, this will help to release the stomach from the extra work. When weight reduce the amount of fruit in your diet. Because of the fiber contained within them may be broken digestion and most of the calories are not absorbed.

3. The right balance of nutrients. The main fuel for any body are the carbohydrates and the building blocks of muscle proteins. This means that their number relative to other substances should be a lot more than normal, balanced diet. Fast carbs, like fat, accumulates in fat cells and to get rid of them will be very difficult.

4. More of the liquid. When the intensity of metabolic reactions of the body requires a large amount of fluid. Beware of dehydration, drink regularly.

The law of set of useful mass. Start muscle fiber growth begins when the volume absorbed by the body energy begins to exceed the amount of expended energy. But due to the fact that the body prefers equilibrium, will always have to increase caloric intake by up to 100%.