Info-business is primarily selling different information products. However, many of the authors of info-courses understand that their sales Manager (the page that will be sent to potential buyers), you must have the text of the opinion.

But if info-businessman (of course, a beginner, who has no opinion), come up with reviews on your own, then this often leads to the fact that people who come to his page, you know that this is not real, but invented directly by the Creator of this course (the fact that the writing style is quite similar to the style of the review).

It turns out that you need somewhere to look for reviews that would be written by other people. The answer, oddly enough, quite simple. You should just go to any exchange of the rewriting and copywriting, to register there as a customer, then create the announcement that you need text feedback about your information product. Naturally, all this is not so expensive as it would seem. Actually it costs about 30 RUB (but you can find options for a cheaper value or Vice versa to order the master, which guru to write such reviews), but first best is not to be sprayed.

You have in the job outline briefly the benefits of your info of course to copywriters could come up with something original about your course. It is desirable that they wrote about how their life has changed after passing your info-of course.

After that, the process can be considered complete.

You can get this way any (unlimited) number of reviews. But in practice, there is no need to order more than 10 reviews, as it will be obvious brute force!