Tonsillitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis is a disease that can develop on the basis of psychological problems. But before we treat of their methods of psychosomatics, you need to ensure that the disease is of emotional nature. And it can be done like this:

  • keep track of how often a person is sick the throat, and if this happens two or three times a month, it is a reason to suspect a psychological impact on the body;
  • you need to remember what happened before the disease can be, a man blows on the job, or it is autumn when it is already winter.

The reason is physiological. If the disease happens after quarrels, fears, and other experiences, he has a psychosomatic nature. In this case, you need to understand what kind of psychological problem causes the disease.

The latter can be determined according to the disease.

  1. Angina. The person's internal conflict, which he hides from himself. He tired to accept the situation as it is, but change something does not allow it.
  2. Laryngitis. Long suppressing emotions, the inability to say "no" to other people, and fear to openly Express their own opinion, especially in conflicts.
  3. Tonsillitis. The feeling of helplessness and inability to influence the situation. Then there is repressed anger, and low self-esteem, and hidden irritability.
  4. Pharyngitis. The ban on self-realization. Such individuals have a great creative potential, but it is overwhelmed by fear and absolutely not manifested.
  5. Children's adenoids. The child is lonely, deprived of love and attention of parents. He suffers, but in silence, and very long keeping it to myself.
  6. "Lump in the throat". People are so scared that fear is at the level of his body choking, not allowing you to speak.

Knowing the psychological cause of disease needs to focus on its elimination. In case of sore throat you need to stop hiding, to accept the fear and then to change the situation, in spite of it. A person with laryngitis should stop to agree with everything. Need to find a polite way of refusing more often to Express feelings and opinions.

When tonsillitis is to release hidden anger, for that in psychology there are many techniques. Then you can learn to actively influence events in their own lives. Suffering from pharyngitis it would be good to do some work, albeit only for yourself. To remove the "lump in the throat", you need to find the cause of your fear and eliminate it. While children with adenoids can help parental love and care.

But we should not forget about medical treatment. Dealing with emotions does not negate the need to take medication and to visit a doctor.