Pleated blinds of paper to make a very simple. For DIY you will need a piece of Wallpaper (classic, paper, and paintable) or other dense paper, lace or thread for knitting ("iris", and the like), double-sided tape.

Attention! Pre-measure the size of the window or sash of a window, on which you'll hang a makeshift curtain. Paper width for Venetian blinds should match the width of the glass or window (for taste master), and the length should be not less than one and a half times more future-length curtains.

The process of assembling blinds of paper:

- After the paper strip is cut, fold it accordion (step width of about 3-4 cm).

- Through the middle of the folded accordion with an awl, pierce two holes. Cut the string the length of which is equal to two lengths of the curtains with a margin not less than 20 cm using the darning needle to thread the thread into the punctured holes.

In the lower part of the shutters with tape glue the bottom strip of the accordion to make the semi-circular end curtains. It is necessary that the blinds look neater, because in the operation process, the product can easily warp.

On the upper stripe accordion also sticking double sided tape on it and glue the blinds to the window.

- The tips of the threads must be withdrawn from the semicircular edge of the blinds. Tie them together to raise the blind when necessary.

Helpful hint:Razumeetsya, lace or thread can be replaced with a thin ribbon, and holes for lifting shutters to be done in the middle, and from the edges. If you do not want shutters on the bottom was half round, stick on the bottom strip of accordion thin and narrow wooden plank or cardboard.

You can also make a variant of the above curtains, if you puncture one hole in the middle, pass through a lace for podyem blinds, and at the end of the lace to hang the locking pin with a spring (like on jackets with adjustable kulisami).

Жалюзи плиссе из бумаги своими руками

Also a good idea to look lightweight version pleated blinds when the lift mechanism is a simple two ribbons that pick up the shade from the bottom and tie a bow to commit.

Жалюзи плиссе из бумаги своими руками

By the way, from paper you can also make the blinds is not the only way. As I wrote earlier, it is very easy to get blinds made of paper tubes and yarn.