The pool at the Holiday Inn, Shanghai

On the 24th floor of the Shanghai hotel there is a swimming pool 30 meter length. Part of the pool extends beyond the building, looming over the city, and has a transparent bottom. It's perfectly safe, but the feeling is breathtaking. Here you can not only relax, but to enjoy the breathtaking views of the city beneath you."

Бассейн отеля «Holiday Inn», Шанхай.

The pool at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

On the roof of Singapore hotel under the open sky, at a height of over 200 meters, lies one of the most amazing pools. Its length is 150 meters and it is the main attraction of the hotel complex. The pool is unique - such feelings as are here you will not find anywhere else.

Бассейн отеля «Marina Bay Sands», Сингапур.

The hotel's pool San Alfonso del Mar, Chile

On the Chilean coast, along the ocean, is one of the largest swimming pools in the world. The size of the pool is impressive – the length of more than 1000 meters, maximum depth of 35 meters, and the volume as much as 250 million liters! Don't be surprised if swimming in this pool, you will float past the boat, catamaran or sailboat. Everything is possible here, especially as the dimensions allow it.

Бассейн отеля «San Alfonso del Mar», Чили.

"The Devil's pool, Victoria falls, Zambia

This unusual pool, a real miracle of nature. He is attractive and frightening at the same time. At the very top of Victoria falls there is a Creek that separates from the edge of the rock where it formed a "pool Devil" (The Devil's Pool ). Just imagine yourself at the edge of a powerful waterfall which is falling down from the height more than hundred meters. The brave who dare to dive in the pool of the Devil", it should be remembered that this can only be done from September to December when the water level in the Zambezi river the lowest.

«Бассейн Дьявола», водопад Виктория, Замбия.

The pool at the Golden Nugget, USA

In Las Vegas at the Golden Nugget hotel has a pool which is capable to tickle nerves to the adventure lovers. The pool is notable for its water slide, made in the form of huge pipes. Ends with the descent from this hill in the middle of a huge aquarium, whose inhabitants are... the real predatory sharks, rays and other spectacular fish. From sea creatures and their intense gaze of the visitors is separated by a transparent barrier of glass.

Бассейн отеля «Golden Nugget», США.