- 300 grams of garlic
- 500 grams of sweet pepper
- 500 grams of tomatoes
- two large hot pepper
- 30 grams seasoning "Khmeli-suneli"
- salt to taste
- 100 grams of vegetable oil
In order to prepare the workpiece for the winter, prepare the vegetables included in the seasoning. Wash the tomatoes and cut into small slices. Sweet pepper wash, remove seeds, chop. Hot peppers wash and cut the stem. Clean the garlic. Vegetables will be twisted in a meat grinder, add the vegetable oil, Khmeli-suneli, salt. Mix thoroughly. Store in a glass jar under plastic cover in the refrigerator.
- 2 pods hot red pepper
- 3 large tomatoes
- 3 large onions
- 100 grams of wine or Apple cider vinegar
- 100 grams of sugar
- salt, pepper, cloves to taste
- 1 teaspoon dry mustard.
Pepper wash, remove seeds and finely chop. Tomatoes, wash, scald, remove the skins and slice. Chop the onion. All the chopped vegetables add to the pot. Simmer over low heat, and add vinegar. When the liquid evaporates, add sugar and spices and simmer for 10 minutes.
In sterilized jars to put down the seasoning and roll up. If you want to make a spicier dressing, add pepper.
- 400 grams of garlic
- 20 grams of red pepper
- 20 grams of ground black
- 100 grams of sunflower oil
- salt to taste
Sunflower oil, bring to boil, then chill. Add twisted garlic, black pepper and red salt. Store the seasoning in a glass dish, covering with a thick plastic lid, in the refrigerator. The application of this versatile seasoning. Especially good as an additive to the first dish.