The return of a loved one, if he doesn't want to communicate, in several ways. Let's take the example of the girl wanting to get back together with a guy. First try to make him interested in you and wished first to make contact. To do this you can change your looks in a better way: update your closet make-up bag and start to play sports and lead a healthy lifestyle. Any important changes to note in the social networks in the form of photos and text entries.
If you are sure that the guy is watching your page, wait for a while, that it awakened interest. In this case, most likely, he will write or call and ask about your progress. Use this opportunity to explain to him that all these changes were done for him and chance to be together again.
You can try to bring back a loved one, if he doesn't want to communicate by calling it jealousy. To do this, sometimes it is enough just to spend more time with your friends and spread the network sharing photos. Perhaps the young man wants to be with a prominent girl who is always the center of attention. Some girls also give birth to a new novel by "to", showing how they spend time with his alleged new love. This method is especially effective if you need to call in ex-boyfriend especially a burning sense of jealousy.
Alternatively, you can just wait for some time that both you and the young man calmed down after a breakup. Then try to choose the right moment and "accidentally" bump into a guy in some of the places where it happens often. In such a situation it is difficult to disperse, not saying a word, therefore, most likely, you have to start up a conversation, during which you will be able to explain what I feel.
Try to bring a loved one with the help of your common friends. Ask them to talk to him on your behalf and explain the situation. If several people will turn to the young man and will tell how hard this is for you, it can feel these words. Sometimes this happens immediately, but after some time, so you just have to hope and wait for a return call or message.