The magical properties of amethyst

Amethyst is traditionally considered a stone that symbolizes purity and chastity. Under the influence of heat, the amethyst loses its color. Amethyst has a strong positive energy that is transferred to the owner of this unusual stone.

In ancient times it was believed that amethyst should be worn by people with high spirituality. The owners of this magical stone is supposed to be reasonable and calm.

Amethyst is able to activate the connection to his master with the higher spiritual forces. This stone is often adorned the clothing of the higher hierarchy of the Christian Church.

Mascot with amethyst keeps its owner from negative influences and prevents the development of bad habits. This stone gives a person courage and clarity of thought, prevents the sad thoughts, casts out pride and hatred from the heart.

Amethyst brings harmony in family relationships, helps to normalize sleep and not allow negativity to penetrate into the mind of its owner. If a person often has nightmares, you should put the jewelry with amethyst under your pillow. The positive energy emanating from the stone, clean the room from negative effects and will get rid of unpleasant dreams.

The magical power of amethyst is so powerful that jewelry with this stone to wear is impossible. People amethyst is considered the stone of widows. It is often worn as a sign of loyalty to a dead spouse. Amethyst also helps to get rid of unrequited love and allow feelings in order.

Amethyst has a very complex character. He can get angry at your wayward and intemperate master, having absorbed the negative energy and then unleash it on the person. In the presence of this stone must not quarrel, if you still can't avoid conflict, you should immediately rinse with decoration running cold water to clean amethyst from the black energy.

Which zodiac sign is suitable amethyst

This stone can be called universal. It is suitable for almost all zodiac signs. Sagittarius, Aries and Aquarius, he gives strength and wisdom. Scorpios, Pisces and Cancers – inner harmony and luck. Twins amethyst will help you to become more relaxed. Thanks to the magic properties of amethyst, the Bulls will become more wise, and the Rams will be able to implement the most incredible dreams.

But do not forget that amethyst should be used carefully and decorating it should be to wear in those moments when you just need a powerful energy support.