Reasons why the carrots forked, or getting sloppy, maybe a few. The most common:

the seeding occurred on very heavy ground: clay, stony and acidic - like soil, though enriched with various nutrients, but due to its density and especially wrong to leak air, it is unfit for growing carrots;

- incorporation before sowing neterprise of compost or fresh manure;

- incorporation into soil of ash, lime or chloride of potassium;

- improper care of crops;

- root damage at an early stage of development of the carrots.

Damage can occur for several reasons, for example due to drying of the soil in the first month after planting sloppy thinning and weeding, which were affected by the roots, and when rudovanie carrot flies or the mole crickets.

How to grow smooth and even carrots

If you wish to grow even carrots, you before planting the seeds must be carefully prepared land. In the fall, dig the beds to a depth of not less than 20 centimetres, and try to remove as many roots of the weeds (this will prevent compaction of the upper layer). In the spring again produce digging, which make the soil sand (the amount depends on the density of soil and compost.

After land preparation, start sowing seeds. Select the method in which in the future will not need thinning. Organize proper irrigation: watering plants in the first two months of the summer, when the growth of carrot are most active. In August also, reduce watering, keep just that the soil does not dry up. If thinning is necessary, do it carefully, trying as little as possible to damage leaves and roots. Remove the crop in a timely manner (time of harvesting depends on the variety of carrots and temperature).