To prepare this soup will be potato and fried vegetables and meatballs. The soup for this recipe you can add any ingredients according to your taste: rice, cereal, pasta, semolina and so forth, as well as vegetables: peppers, zucchini, eggplant, corn, beans or peas.

Small balls, made with meat and cooked in broth, meatballs are called. For beef meatballs can be prepared from any meat: pork, beef, also chicken, Turkey or fish, and even vegetables.

To prepare the soup with meatballs , you will need the following products:

- potatoes - 2 PCs.;

- onion - 1 PC.;

- chicken egg - 1 PC.;

- carrots - 1 PC.;

- herbs (parsley, onion, or cilantro) — a beam;

- minced chicken - 150 g;

- spices, salt, pepper - to taste;

- rice - 2 tbsp

The soup with meatballs

Potatoes wash, clean and cut into small cubes, then boil together with rubbed on a fine grater carrots and pre-washed rice.

To prepare this soup, you can use frozen vegetables, such as carrots and also greens. Frozen vegetables and greens are very well suited for soups, especially in winter.

Meanwhile, when the rice-vegetable broth is boiling, you can prepare the base for meatball: take a bowl, put minced chicken or any other finely chopped herbs, some grated carrot and 1 teaspoon of rice. Also, break the minced chicken into the egg and add onions, shabby on a small grater, add any spices, seasonings and salt, mix well the meat with your hands and form small meatballs.

Cooking the meatballs should in the water, which already begins to boil. If you put meatballs in cold water - they can be soft after boiling.

Wait for the moment when the soup begins to boil, add a little salt. Continue to cook for approximately 45 minutes. Those who like spicy soups, you can add 10 minutes until tender grated garlic.

After the meatball soup is ready, turn off the stove and leave the soup to stand for a bit. After a few minutes the soup you can pour into bowls and serve.