This dish is quite simple, but suitable for both everyday and festive table. The beef patties are best cooked on their own. Even if you purchase a prefabricated, keep in mind, it may contain food additives.

Try to use fresh chilled fish. Note the color of the gills of the fish: the gills of the red color suggests that the fish is fresh. Dark gills indicate that the fish is old. Eye color should be transparent, and scales to fit snugly to the body. Fresh fish should have a pleasant sea aroma.

For cooking delicious fish cutlets of Pollack , you need the following ingredients:

- Pollock (fillet) - 1 kg;

- loaf - 250 g;

- onion — 1 PC.;

- milk - 100 ml;

- sugar - 1 tsp.;

- pepper, salt, spices for fish — to taste;

- breadcrumbs.

Chilled Alaska Pollock clean, then remove the head, tail and fins. If you have purchased a ready Pollock fillet, then immediately pass it through a meat grinder.

Onions wash, peel, cut into small pieces and then fry in vegetable oil until transparent state. Baton soak in milk.

Fish fillet with soaked loaf mince. Then add in the minced onion. You can also split the minced chicken egg, but then the chicken can not get such gentle.

In order to add flavor and taste to the cutlets, add salt, pepper and any spices to your taste. Goes well with fish mince from Pollock in the sugar and dried lemon balm, which give the meatballs a rich flavor.

Mix well these ingredients and then form patties medium size. Don't forget the breading.

In a pan, greased with vegetable oil, lay out the fish cakes, fry that need for 5 minutes on both sides.

Prepared Pollock pretty quickly and it will soon be possible to bring to the table, for example, with mashed potatoes. As a dressing for fish cutlets of Pollack are great tomato paste, sour cream sauce, butter, mustard or any greens. Proponents of a healthy and diet can cook the patties for this recipe in a double boiler.