In this case, the material does not matter. This files most often for growing orchids experts recommend to use a ceramic or plastic flower pots. From the usual pots for orchids with plenty of drainage holes, which are located not only in the bottom, but the bottom and side surfaces. If we talk about form, then the ideal option would be a round or rectangular pot. Stop your choice on the pot for orchids, narrowed down, it is not necessary, because the narrow part of the "constrain" the full development of the root system. Simply put, in a tapered pot the root system will be uncomfortable due to excessive compression.

Plastic pots for orchids

Plastic pots for orchids have a number of advantages over ceramic and glass. In these pots just make different length and height of the hole in the form of perforated cones facing inwards. This design feature will contribute to a better penetration and retention of moisture and increase the ventilation of the soil. In addition, often the plastic pots have ribbed underbody and special legs on it to increase the efficiency of drainage.

Ceramic pots for orchids

These products are equipped with extra drainage in the bottom and vent at the side walls of the holes to improve the accumulation of moisture and ventilation. The disadvantages of ceramic pots include their opacity, which is essential for orchids.

Glass pots for orchids

All houseplants orchids are distinguished by the fact that in the process of photosynthesis they have involved not only land (deciduous and flower part), but also the root system. That is why for them it is recommended to use transparent pots, to provide maximum light penetration. Glass pots compared to the pots for orchids of other materials, enable to visually control the process of plant development and to take timely measures to eliminate the uncomfortable conditions for it. They are able to create maximum conditions for the penetration of the necessary flow of light. In its design the pots of glass have a convex bottom, an additional hole on the side and a hole for water drainage. Glass can be both matte and completely transparent.

Since orchids are among vozdukhoduvy plants, their cultivation is recommended to use the hung pots. They provide maximum penetration of the air not only from above but also from the bottom.