If the flocks of sparrows can be seen Chicks, they're color are different and a mouth open towards the stern among the pigeons such obvious differences there. Where pigeons hide their offspring?

Like other birds, baby pigeons hatch from the eggs. The kids come mainly in the summer warm period.

The newly born dove is very different in their appearance from their parents. The Chicks are born blind and have no feathers. They weigh about ten grams.

Adult doves feed their Chicks for two or three weeks. During this time, the Chicks grow feathers. A month after the birth of pigeons leave the parental home.

Once fledged doves fly to freedom, they are not much different from adults. To determine where young, where the older population, are professionals and those interested in the lives of these birds.

Why the nestlings leave the nest before? The answer is simple. Need time to form feathers with which birds can fly. It just needs a month.

Where are the Chicks until they are ready for adult life? In the first weeks of life babies are in the nest, where they are taken care of by their parents.

In urban environments nests can be found in abandoned buildings and attics. Nests can be twisted and parks, if the trees are thick enough.