Alcohol tincture ingested 4 times daily 30 drops. The duration of the course of 25-30 days. Alcohol for this tincture is used 70%, the ratio of herb to alcohol 1:5. But this infusion has many disadvantages. It is contraindicated for children and pregnant women, patients with hypotension, gastric ulcer and gastritis. In overdose there is a thirst, nausea and vomiting.
Also alcohol tincture of motherwort has been used topically to combat acne and other lesions on the skin: a cotton swab moistened in the tincture, and they rubbed the affected area morning and evening.
For preparation of aqueous infusions take 3-5 tablespoons of dried motherwort, pour a glass of boiling water and not boiling water, warm on a water bath. After this infusion is cooled, filtered and diluted with water to the original volume of 1 Cup. Taking this infusion in a dosage of 1/3 glass before meal.
Welcome motherwort tablets are convenient because there is no problem with dilution and the dosage of the drug. To relieve nervous excitation is taken 1-2 tablets at least an hour before exciting events. For the treatment of insomnia guzzle duration of the course per month 1 tablet in the evening before bed. In the treatment of nervousness the drug is taken 3-4 times daily between meals, duration of reception is selected individually.