When choosing points you must consider your face shape. If you are the owner of "square" faces, then you are perfect glasses with rounded bottom rims (pilots). These glasses complement the brutality in the style of men with this type of person. Additionally, men with this type of person can wear glasses round and oval shape. They also perfectly complement the image. Men with a long rectangular face are recommended to wear goggles with a massive frame and ducky these points should be wide. For men with triangular faces should choose the sleek and slim glasses. People with oval face can wear glasses of any type. Them any glasses will look perfect.
When choosing glasses also need to consider the frame color. It is recommended to choose them according to hair color. The main thing - that they stood out a little and not lost on the background of your hair. Therefore, Blonds, for example, it is recommended to wear glasses darker or brighter, and the brown-haired, for example, on the contrary lighter. Importantly, the glasses did not look too vulgar. In this case, they will spoil any image.
The final part in the selection of glasses should be considered in the selection of glasses according to the style of clothing that prefers potential buyer points. Glasses should complement the style and not to be extravagant detail. The color of the lenses also need to select based on color of clothing. Additionally, the glasses should be in harmony with the other accessories.