Almost universal flooring is parquet. Do not be afraid of the parquet is too expensive – there are three types of flooring, each with different cost, complexity of installation, quality and appearance.


Parquet is flooring, which consists of boards – dice. These dies are made entirely of solid wood. The high cost of a piece parquet is caused not only by the material itself (you can buy boards from the usual, not too expensive wood), as the fact that it is quite difficult to mount, and besides, will have to buy additional supplies.

Parquet can be represented in conventional rectangular dies. Depending on how the scheme will be laid this flooring, it depends on the appearance of the floor.

Solid wood

Massive Board – it's the same parquet, only now has much larger size and a variety of forms. The cost can also be large, depending on the type of wood, which is made dies, and the shape of these dies.

Solid wood flooring will eventually be equal to, or exceed the cost of the floor from the piece parquet from the fact that the road is the material itself. But it is much easier to install and does not require final processing and coating.

Parquet Board

The cheapest type of flooring is parquet. This coating is a three layer Board, the layers which are perpendicular to each other. This gives the material additional strength and reliability. The cost of wood flooring significantly reduced due to the small number of natural wood that goes into its manufacture.

In addition, flooring is parquet, which is the most easy to install. In fact, you can decorate your floor a parquet Board. Its styling is akin to the floorboards, chipboard or MDF panels. In addition, does not require final processing of the floorboard as it is sold in finished form.

The color of the flooring

The color of the flooring changes over time. This is determined by the properties of wood, the surface of which may eventually darken or lighten. That this did not happen, it is necessary to know the properties of the wood, of which you are planning to choose a flooring.

In addition, when choosing flooring of any type, you need to see it in person and not in the picture. The camera has the ability to change these colors. But if the were processed in a graphics editor, then you do not know the flooring that you will bring.

Therefore, do not be lazy to go to the hardware store to personally choose the flooring that you need.


Also important is the coating of parquet lacquer or oil. The fact is that, choosing a wooden floor, people rely on the natural covering. Varnish all natural hides, and feels the lacquer is glossy and smooth. In addition, the lacquer requires additional sanding.

The oil retains all the naturalness of the wood. When you touch the parquet, which is treated with a varnish, you still have a sense of touch to the living natural wood. The disadvantage of the oil coating is that it must be updated once a year and a half. And the parquet, lacquered, will last a decade.

By the way, choosing the color of the flooring don't forget that under the cover of the color of the wood will also change, and therefore ask the seller to show the instance has already been treated, sanded and varnished or oil.