In Phu Quoc, you can find hotels with equipped beaches, restaurants and bars for every taste, and can rent a Villa near the wild beach, where for miles around you will not meet a single living soul. If you want peace, quiet, harmony and nature then must go to Phu Quoc island.

пляжи острова Фукуок

What you can entertain yourself during your stay on the island?

National Park of Phu Quoc island

The Park has a huge area and is located in the northeastern part of the island. It grows about 1,000 species of trees, plants and flowers, home to over 40 species of mammals. To the territory of the Park belongs and the adjacent sea area with diverse marine life. A visit to the Park, perhaps only in the dry season.

парк Фукуок

Fish sauce factory

The world-famous fish sauce Nuoc mam is made in many cities of Vietnam, but the most delicious produce on the island, at least, so say the locals. The process of making gravy is not difficult, but rather long – put the fish in the barrel, poured a large amount of salt and kept in this state for more than a year. The resulting liquid is bottled and sold. When visiting the factory get ready for a strong specific smell.

соус Ныок  Мам

Coconut prison

It was built by the French in 1950, there were more than 40 thousand criminals, many of them returned home after the expulsion of the French. But the most terrible things happened here during the war with the United States when the Americans staged at the Coconut prison, a concentration camp where they tortured and killed people by the thousands. Now the prison is a Museum where everything reminds you of that terrible time in the life of the country and of the people of Vietnam. Here you will see the barracks where the prisoners were held, instruments of torture, photographs showing the appalling atrocities. This place is not recommended for children and very sensitive people, but it will appeal to those who are interested in history of Vietnam and the events of those years.

кокосовая тюрьма

Pearl farm

Now the island has two large farm for growing sea pearls, both located on the West coast. When visiting the farm you will learn how to cultivate saltwater pearls, and all will see with your own eyes. Here you can buy your favorite goods. The range is huge and updated every day. Before purchasing pearls take your time and be careful in your choice. In Phu Quoc, you will find pearls of all shades and sizes.


Plantations of black pepper

Plantations of black pepper are located throughout the island of Phu Quoc, there are special sweet and spicy varieties, which are appreciated all over the world. On large plantations harvested 400 tons of crops a year, and all the fruits are picked by hand. Peas are harvested slightly unripe, and then dried under sun for 10 – 12 days.

Resting Phu Quoc, you can visitthe Cau, built in honor of the sea goddess – patroness of sailors and fishermen. Although in our understanding it is hardly a Palace – something between a temple and a lighthouse. The Palace is an iconic place, where locals pray for a good catch.

дворец Кау

Phu Quoc island is very attract someone who loves diving, snorkeling and fishing. Like the island and lovers of seafood in Phu Quoc, can be enjoyed both in the restaurant and at a local cafe, and a night market. Fish, squid, shrimp, lobsters, crabs, sea urchins, clams, eel - all very fresh and very tasty.

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