In friendship and accord on the territory of Sapa is home to more than seven ethnic groups, each of which respects and protects its traditions. In the city not so many attractions, but its surroundings you will find interesting places.

Silver waterfall Thac BAC waterfall and Thac Dien

Waterfall Thac BAC is located just 10 km from the town of Sapa. Its height more than 100 meters and it is considered the highest in the area. The most impressive sight of the waterfall is during the rainy season, when a powerful stream of water rushes down the slopes of the mountain.

After passing another kilometre, you will be able to see another waterfall – Thac Dien. It is not as big as Silver falls, but also beautiful. Near Thac Dien equipped gazebo for relaxing, a comfortable ladder, there is a cafe and Parking.

Водопад  Тхак Бак

The Tram Pass Tone

The pass of Tram Ton or heaven Gate - the highest pass in Vietnam (2000 meters above sea level), passing on the Northern side of Fansipan mountain. The pass is only 15 km away from the town, and even if you didn't plan to come here, be sure to visit this place. Tram the Tone will amaze you with the beauty of mountain scenery. Don't forget to dress warmly, quite cold in the mountains.

Перевал Трам Тон

The Love Market

In the old days Love Market was a place where on Saturday came young boys and girls in search of partner. Under cover of night, young girls singing songs, singing going boys and chose "lady love" then the couple disappeared for a few days. If after three days it became clear that young fit each other, between them was a marriage, if not, the search continued the next Saturday. Now the Market of Love turned into a Playground for the pageant with the purpose of entertaining tourists.

Рынок Любви

The village of TA Phin village & cat Cat

The village of TA Phin is located 10 km from the city. It is home to two ethnic groups, the red Dao and black Hmong people. The villagers have long been accustomed to tourists and welcome you to look into the housing, so that they are better able to meet their lifestyle, and maybe gained some self-made souvenir for a small fee.

The village of cat Cat is located 3 km from Sapa. Visit the ethnic villages paid, everything here is designed for tourists. For your money you will be able to visit the homes of villagers, where you will have a warm welcome and will see a small theatrical performance. The poverty of the village brightens stunning views of the rice terraces.

черные хмонги

In the Sapa, you can visit the Catholic Church, which was built in the early XX century, and the local market. Will be able to see a picturesque lake in the center of the city.

город Сапа

And if you suddenly become bored, you will be able to make an ascent on mount Fansipan. Don't forget that Sapa is mountainous and the temperature even in summer does not exceed +20 ° C, and in the mountains it is much colder.