The island of Bali attracts surfers and endless partying, families with children, nature lovers and connoisseurs. The island has several resort areas:

  • Kuta(suitable for youth, surfing and nightlife)
  • Nusa Dua and Sanur (suitable for a quiet holiday and families with children),
  • Ubudis located in the center of the island among the rice plantations, is considered the "cultural capital of the island, ideal for lovers of peace and exquisite landscapes
  • Jimbaran(ideal for lovers of tranquility, luxury hotels and fish restaurants).

The island itself is quite small and so, where you stay, all the sights will be in the area of accessibility. What is surprising is to Bali?

The Tanah Lot Temple.

The temple was built in the 15th century. Located on a rock in the middle of the ocean. To get to Tanah Lot only during low tide, at other times to go to the temple is not possible. At the foot of the rock has a healing spring. Especially beautiful temple at sunset.

Танах Лот

The Batur Volcano.

The volcano is located in the North-East of the island. Not the highest in Bali, a little more than 1700 meters, but acting. In the result of a volcanic eruption formed the lake and on the opposite shore of it, another volcano Abang height of more than 2100 meters. On the edge of the Caldera of the volcano, there is an observation platform from which to contemplate the vast Batura.


Lake beratan and Pura Ulun Danu.

The lake and temple located in a picturesque place at the foot of the mountain, at an altitude of over 1200 meters above sea level. Lake beratan is the main source of water for drinking and irrigation. This place is associated with many legends. It is believed that one who bathes in the sacred lake, to be granted longevity and youthfulness. The temple is located on a small island near the shore of the lake and accessed by a small bridge. Around the lake with the temple complex stretches a magnificent Park covering an area of over 150 hectares.

Пура Улун Дану

Elephant Park in the village of Taro.

Near Ubud is located at Pinnawela elephant orphanage. Here you can see a fascinating show with these animals, take a ride through the jungle on very strong and kind elephant, and to treat treat the baby elephants. Also in the nursery you can visit a cozy cafe and buy Souvenirs.

парк слонов

The Temple, The Goa Lava.

Even Goa, the Lava is called the temple of Bats. The temple is located at the entrance to the cave, which is home to a huge number of bats. To end to explore Goa Lava no one has, therefore, every day of the legends about this place are becoming more and more. On site please observe the utmost silence, so as not to disturb the bats and do not disturb the monks.

Гоа Лова

The Temple Of Pura Uluwatu.

The temple is located in the South-West of the island. Built on the edge of a cliff, offering breathtaking views of the vast expanse of the ocean. The temple itself may not be as good as, for example Tanah Lot, but the surrounding scenery will not leave anyone indifferent. In the evening, in Uluwatu you can see a performance – kecak dance or also called monkey dance".

Пура Улувату

Besakih temple and mount Agung.

Besakih temple is the main temple on the island of Bali – the "Mother of all temples". The complex includes about 30 churches, and they are all located on existing sacred mount Agung. The volcano height is over 3000 meters. The Balinese believe that the gods live here and their souls of deified ancestors. The peak of the volcano can often hide the dense clouds, but it should appear to the sun as your eyes see all the power and Majesty of Agung. All the villages, courtyards and temples on the island are oriented toward the sacred mountain. This place attracts not only crowds of tourists but also an infinite number of fraudsters and beggars, be careful.

вулкан Агунг

Monkey forest Monkey forest monkey forest, alas Kedaton.

Monkey forest is located in the village of Ubud. The forest covers a large area, there are plenty of paths, benches, sculptures depicting both monkeys and various strange creatures. Also at the Park there is a temple, the cemetery of the monkeys and a small river. There are a lot of monkeys, they have long used to visitors and does not afraid of them. When visiting monkey forest, be careful! Some individuals are very aggressive, most of the monkeys would not mind something to profit. Put away glasses, phones, and hold photographic equipment.

лес обезьян

Bali is another of the monkey forest of alas Kedaton. It is smaller than the "Monkey forest", but no less interesting. The forest is located in the Western part of the island amidst the jungle and rice fields. The monkeys here are more friendly, while here you need to be careful. "Alas Kedaton" is appealing because in its territory live the "flying foxes", both wild and those whom have tamed.

обезьяны в лесу

Waterfall Gitgit.

Waterfall gitgit is located in the North of the island, near Singaraja. By the way, in Singaraja there is a hotel "chalk" where you'll find Spa treatments, massage, and you can swim in the pool with the dolphins. But back to the waterfall. Git-git is in a very scenic location, side by side with jungle and rice terraces. In it reaches a height of over 40 meters, is one of the tallest on the island and has several levels. In the waterfall you can swim. The water here is clean and fresh. Like all waterfalls, gitgit is considered a sacred place. But git-Git is not the only waterfall in Bali, which deserves attention – there is Tegenungan, Nung-Nung, Munduk, Aling-Aling, Scopal and other. One is like another, small and large, calm and turbulent, single and group. Absolutely everything is worthy of admiration.

водопад Гит-Гит


The town of Ubud is located in the centre of the island. It is called the "cultural capital". Most of the city consists of shops, galleries and museums. Here you will find many shops in which can enjoy the products made of bamboo, silver and gold, products with wood carvings and stone paintings. A day on the streets of Ubud you can witness Balinese ceremonies, and in the evening no less exciting show with a Balinese flavor. In the city as much caffeine and restaurants, where a Cup of tea, you can admire the endless jungle and rice terraces.


Zoo and Park birds and reptiles.

The Bali zoo opened in 2002. Located on the South-East of the island and has a large area. The zoo presents more than 350 species of rare animals and birds. Where necessary, the animals are separated from visitors by glass or a moat, in other cases, to birds and animals can be approached at arm's length. The Park's territory is covered with tropical forest, has stream, pond and waterfall. There is also a café and souvenir shops.

зоопарк Бали

Near the zoo is another place where you can be closely acquainted with representatives of the animal world – bird Park and reptile. The Park has collected more than 250 species of birds. Special pride of the peacocks are albino, talking parrots and cassowaries. It is also home to reptiles such as the giant lizards of Komodo, turtles, crocodiles, lizards and snakes. The Park covers an area of about 2 hectares with lots of greenery, flowers, ponds and Seating areas. Here you can feed the birds, take a picture with the iguana, to buy any Souvenirs and just to walk through the Park and enjoy nature.

парк рептилий

Tirtagangga water Palace.

Tirta gangga is a water Palace, located 70 km from Denpasar. The Palace has three levels. At the lowest level there is a fountain and koi pond, at the middle level – a lot of swimming pools where you can swim. At the top level is the Palace of the descendants of Raja, ponds, a restaurant and guest house. At all levels an infinite number of sculptures covered by time with moss, giving the place a special touch. The Park is very well maintained, lots of greenery and flowers. In 1963, tirta gangga suffered greatly from the eruption of Agung in 1981, the Park and the Palace was completely restored.

дворец Тиртаганга

National Park GWK.

The Park is located in a picturesque place, in the canyon of the Bukit Peninsula. There are gardens, Lotus ponds, exhibition center, street theater, gorges and hills. On top of the hill stands a huge statue of Vishnu. This is only part of the monument, which is still under construction – in the future it will be the largest sculpture dedicated to this deity. Every day the Park hosts colorful performances. In the evenings you can see the show, the national dance Kechak. In the Park there are often concerts of world stars and just party. In GWK you can get acquainted with the work of local artists and even take part in the creation of any masterpiece.

Национальный парк GWK

In Bali there are many amazing and delightful places. If you decide to visit it, be sure to get to know him better. He will be remembered for a long time with its amazing nature, tranquility, endless ocean, culture, fish restaurants, coffee plantations, massage, tropical fruit stalls, local artists and hospitality. In Bali you will find everything!