The brain is not like being raped. Creative ideas do not come by compulsion. To develop imagination supposed to be fun and relaxing environment. Wake up your inner Explorer and get ready to grow, effortlessly.

Train your imagination, wherever you go:

1. On the street. Watch passing couples. Try to visualize what they're talking about who does what in life and what connects them: kinship, friendship or love.

Possible walk along country houses or summer residences, presenting the inner contents of each house and what furniture, where there is a sofa, etc.

The elementary variant: the game "what it is like cloud?" Invent images of clouds, trees, etc.

2. Comics. Cut from magazines different characters, paste them onto a sheet of paper and sign people's thoughts like in the comics. Try to keep thoughts not repeated.

3. Drawing to the music. Listen to any song with your eyes closed. Imagine that you should make a video on this music. Draw or write the script of the video: who will participate, what kind of atmosphere, where everything happens as it should on camera, etc.

4. Game: "Who am I?" Invite friends to participate in the game. Write on cards different professions and fold options in a jar/hat/box. Everyone should pull out your option and a certain time to tell you about myself in this way as much as possible. For example: "I'm a dentist. I live there, I have so many children...". Other players can ask tricky questions, and the task of man, in the same manner to give a detailed answer to each question.

5. Director himself. Tell the camera or recorder of some fictional story. Or take the story and change it: first characters, then the scene and so on, until the full story will not be your imagination.