What needs to be done the "happy wallet"

It is desirable that your wallet has been made from natural materials. Leather purse looks good and can attract the flow of money energy, but there is one contradiction. Natural the skin sometimes preserves the energy of the dead animal, which can get in the way of development and growth of welfare. Perfect material for a purse – natural textiles.

What shape should be purse

Do not keep money in a tight purse. Notes should be kept in expanded form. In an ideal wallet should be several compartments for money of different value and a special place for the little things. To attract money energy all the time, to carry the bill-mascot. It may become a bill with your favorite numbers or batch number, which contains your date of birth. This bill cannot be spent under any circumstances.

Your wallet should contain only money, no extraneous things should not be there. It is not necessary to store in purse photos of relatives, icons, checks or business cards. Only money and plastic cards.

What should be the color of the purse

Black purse is classic. Many people prefer this color because it symbolizes the high status and respectability.

Brown wallet is able to attract money. It is believed that brown inspires a sense of peace and stability.

Red wallet are also able to attract money energy. It is the color of activity, aggression and power. In the red purse your money will always be in motion. For those who prefer stability in life, it is better to choose a purse in a different shade.

According to the teachings of Feng Shui, the most favorable are the colors of Earth and Metal (gold, silver, green).

Color belonging to the Water element, are unfavorable for the purse. If you want to have money, don't buy products blue and blue.