In order to avoid rapid wilting roses, it is important to remember that these flowers love cool and do not tolerate exposure to extreme heat. So roses always put only in cold water, filling the bottom of the vase with ice cubes.

Once a day you need to cut the stems of flowers and be sure to change the water, repeating the procedure with filling the vase with ice. The stems are immersed in water, must be cleaned of leaves and thorns.

Compliance with these rules will help the bouquet keep fresh appearance for a long period of time and eliminates the need to daily immerse the flowers in a bath of cold water.

Nevertheless, if for some reason the roses drooped heads and the first signs of wilting, it is recommended to apply the method of "shock therapy" for the resuscitation of the bouquet.

Cleared of leaves and thorns, the stems of flowers are cut with a sharp knife, trying to make the most of the long cut almost diagonally.

Roses placed in a container capable of withstanding high temperature and then flowers pour boiling water so that the water level had 2-3 cm above the upper cut-off point on the stem.

The neck of a container cover with a towel or newspaper so the hot steam does not harm the leaves and buds of roses can not stand high temperatures.

If the stems of the flowers are thin, they kept in boiling water for about 30-40 seconds, for thicker stems, the exposure time is increased to 1-1.5 minutes.

Then the flowers are removed from the water once the stems are cut at the place where the level of boiling water, and place them in a tub of cold water for half an hour. After "cooling water treatment" resuscitated rose can return in a vase.