"Rubber" pancakes

If, regardless of the recipe, the pancakes each time you receive a rubber, chewy, stringy texture, then perhaps you are trying too hard when kneading. Of course, the pesky lumps of evil, but if you achieve a perfectly smooth dough, then excessive mixing has too much gluten. It makes the pancakes chewy, like a chewing gum. It is enough to obtain a homogeneous dough. The easiest way to do this, separately whisking the liquid ingredients, and then a thin stream add sifted dry.

Pancakes with "markings"

The pancakes burn? If you fry them in butter, it is solid particles can remain in the frying pan over and over again. They burn, leaving the pancakes markings. To avoid them, fry with ghee or vegetable oil. "Burn" can and pieces of berries, fruit or chocolate chips you add to the dough. In this case, put "pripek" after you poured the batter into the pan.

Pancakes without "holes"

The batter is bubbling in the bowl and in the pan, but the pancakes turned out dense? Maybe because you did not wait until the bubbles "burst". That pancake was delicate, to flip it it is necessary already when it appeared "holes".

Pancakes are torn

The pancakes may stick to the pan, if it originally is not hot enough or there is not enough oil. Then when you flip them, they, of course, tear. May tear the pancake and then, when you pick at it too short a paddle. Turn the pancake with a long narrow spatula, and they will remain intact.

Pancakes taste good

The first pancake, which turns out lumpy, as if specially created in order to try how tasty will the rest of the pancakes. Do not throw away and try it! It's not too late to add salt, sugar, pour in some hot liquid if the pancakes are too thick.