What is a palm oil

It is obvious that palm oil is a vegetable oil. The fruit of the oil palm are a product from which it is derived. Export oil mainly Indonesia and Malaysia.

The controversy that erupted around palm oil, it is hardly possible to stop at this stage until all product properties are not fully understood.

Palm oil is part of cosmetic products: care products for the hair, creams for the face and body.

The Department of agriculture has estimated the consumption of palm oil in the world at 49 million tons. Russia is the sixth country in the ranking for the consumption of products from palm oil after the US, India, China, Japan and EU countries.

Where the use of palm oil

On the Russian market of palm oil came relatively recently. However, the question of its application in our country is troubled by a considerable number of people. Each person is free to decide whether to use him palm oil in food. For those who are inclined to consider it harmful, should know, in what products it can be.

Palm oil is used as a substitute for cocoa butter and milk fat, fat to glaze and fillers the fats. Hence, one should pay attention to the composition of such products as mayonnaise, margarine, soup mixes, sweet mass and processed cheeses.

Palm oil is mainly found in confectionery products, preferably with a long shelf life. The taste of the food does not change, but the shelf life is extended significantly.

Palm oil: the harm

Why do proponents of healthy eating are trying to ban the use of palm oil in products?

Harm palm oil first of all is the presence of saturated fats in its composition. Their frequent use provokes diseases of the vessels and the heart, thrombosis, atherosclerosis, obesity. In addition, palm oil remains in the body in the form of slag, as it is entirely out of the body it is not displayed. Toxins in the form of a plastic sticky mass slapped not only the intestines, but also other internal organs.

Palm oil prevents the absorption of minerals, is vital to every person, for example, calcium. Especially great harm that applied to the body of the child. Therefore, parents looking for a blend without palm oil for infant feeding.

Palm oil in infant formulas is undesirable not only because of its envelop stomach properties, but also because it is a flavor enhancer products. Fast-food is based on this principle. Fries and hamburger for most children it is preferable homemade healthy food.

The use of palm oil

Is it possible to speak about the benefits of palm oil after receiving information about its dangers. Yes, palm oil contains vitamins a and E, as they help strengthen the immune system, positively influence the condition of the hair and skin. But the nutrients not absorbed by the body due to these harmful properties.

Palm oil is very cheap, and it is his positive feature may be the one that will not be challenged by anyone. But it may be worth it to take advantage of this quality in any other industry, not only in the food.