You want to buy a painting and don't know what you need to pay attention? Actually it is not such a difficult task as it might seem at first glance. But in the painting has many of its own nuances and subtleties, which it is desirable to know. This will help you to successfully shopping patterns, especially if you do it the first time. So, what is the most important thing and how to buy the picture right?

Just listen to your “inner voice”

In order to make it easier to understand, imagine a picture that you absolutely don't like, but it is written by well-known artist in the XVIII century, is worth a lot of money and you advised her your a professional designer or art historian. Whether you are buying a picture? Doubtful!

Or is there a painting that you admire and enjoy. It brings you satisfaction, positive emotions and inspiration. Now you ask yourself the question: will you is so important, in what century it was written, by whom and in what technique? These questions immediately fade into the background, right?

And what then comes out? And it turns out that the most important thing when buying art is your individual perception. If the picture pleases you, then it can fly. But this is not the only thing when choosing pictures. It is important to look at its quality.

What do you mean, quality picture and where can I buy it?

Just wanted to mention: the so-called embankments, bazaars and art markets, you will never find a quality picture. In these places only sell cheap pictures of massive. For today of places where you can buy paintings, quite a lot, but in more detail it should be addressed in a separate article. In General, any image where you haven't seen it, you can check the quality according to the following criteria:

· the picture should not be paint chips, creases or mold;

· the canvas should not be the fine pores and cracks, they can be checked by turning over the picture of the reverse side of the light;

· the soil should not be used with PVA glue.

This is the chassis ground for novice painters and the bad quality. After a few months picture guaranteed to be covered with cracks.

Primed canvas with the addition of synthetics is much longer and less susceptible to changes in temperature and moisture.

Please note! Nowadays, you can easily buy painting online, and it has many advantages:

1. The ease and convenience of choice.

2. Quick search by author, genre, style and story.

3. The ability to instantly communicate with the author.

In General, online art galleries are gaining momentum in Russia, and the latest reviews among the buyers say that this is a great opportunity to find a great artist for yourself.

Whether the material on which written work?

Акварель Альбрехта Дюрера – “Заяц” 1502 годаThis question is very controversial and depends on the preferences of the person. For example, it is believed that the picture painted with oil paints on canvas, will serve longer than the others. And that's not quite so, and it comes equipped with a rather striking example: the watercolors of Albrecht dürer's “Hare” of 1502, preserved to our days.

All paints – oil, watercolor and even pastels, always made from the same pigments. They differ only in their binding substances.

Натюрморт СезанаBy the way, there is another controversial opinion of value: it is believed that oil painting on canvas more graphic pictures. Did you know that the watercolor painting “still life with green melon” by Cezanne were sold at Sambisa for $25.5 million?

Tip: every artist has their favorite pieces which he will sell very reluctantly, or not to sell. You will have a good try, despite what this man, to convince him that he wanted to give you my “child.” But it will be really worthwhile creation!

How to understand that the picture is real?

Always, before to buy painting, you need to check that it is really written, not printed. And verified it with 2 simple ways:

1. Zoom in on the picture with a magnifying glass. You can easily find the seal on the light ripples of pixels (dots).

2. Nearly all of the paintings are written in several layers. Each layer and color is its thickness. Turn it over back side up to the light and make sure it has a heterogeneous pattern. The printing ink layer thickness is standard throughout the image.

5 recommendations for buying a good painting

1. I do not recommend you to buy antique paintings without knowledge or a good specialist. Chance you buy a fake is very high. Many people know that in the rules of art auctions, for example, the auction house is not responsible for the authenticity of the lots.

2. Do not buy neavtorskimi copies of paintings. If not it is 70 years after the author's death, any sale, purchase, or making copies is prohibited and punishable by law.

3. Pay no attention to the education of the author, appreciate his dedication to the art.

4. Do not hesitate to bargain.

5. Never buy a picture that annoys you, even if you take it in order to multiply their capital.

Summary: the most important thing is to buy a painting for the soul, and all other parts you can check yourself or together with a good expert.