You will need
  • - scissors;
  • pencil;
  • - coloured cardboard;
  • - colored paper;
  • - 4 clips;
  • glue.
First you need to choose shades of our future boxes in the shape of a heart. Pick up a carton of the same color. To the side you can use either the same color or matching. For decoration, pick up a contrast to the cardboard sheet of colored paper.
Now proceed to the creation of the workpiece. Cut out the template 2 hearts. To select the size, look at what will be in there. If the gift is small, and the box can do the same small size.
pattern heart
Now, cut 2 strips. It will be the side pieces boxes-heart. You can immediately with the help of a centimeter to find the right size. And you can cut a longer strip and then cut off the extra. The width of the strips is chosen depending on the gift. But you should not do it less than 5 cm in Order to glue our billet, the edges cut small triangles. Make incisions necessary often enough. Because the box is not classical forms, and, therefore, there will be more twists. The optimal distance between the slices half a centimeter.
Now cut out a third heart. You can find any template on the Internet, or are presented here. Cut out the template on colored paper. Importantly, the size of the heart was equal in size to the two already cut. Presents heart pattern can be cut either as above, or cut on a sheet of contrasting cardboard so that the edges project over the edges.
pattern heart
Now begins the process of bonding parts. The first step is to connect the pattern with one blank heart. Transparent adhesive applied on the reverse side of the pattern, and carefully placed on top of the whole heart. Put the glued parts under a press.
Take pre-prepared strips and carefully bend the seat cuts in one direction. One bar delay. Now we are going to do the lower part of the box-the heart. On the outer side of the bent parts of the strip apply a small amount of glue and begin to stick to the ground. Gluing it, retreating a few millimeters from the edge. This is very important. If the lower part of glue to the edge of the box then closes. Once the items are glued, attach the side clips to the workpiece is not moved.
pattern heart
Start gluing the side pieces to the top heart. Take the second strip and paste, but do it along the edge. Interlock clips and leave to dry.
Once the glue is dry, remove the clips and push the top part on the bottom. Box-heart. For example, You can decorate it with tape or other materials.