From polystar today do many useful things for interior home or office (or other public areas) – bar counters, countertops, sinks and baths, and other useful and beautiful interior items, such as portals for fireplaces, statues.

At the heart of this modern material – acrylic resin, it is added to aluminium hydroxide, pigments. Thus, the artificial stone can be of almost any color. Due to the composition of the furnace may not have pores and cracks, meaning it can be used even where the requirements for facing materials are extremely strict (such as hospitals). That is, in the top of the furnace will not develop mold, you can't hang the dirt, absorbed in the material, the smell, the liquid. Moreover, these countertops are not damaged when washing with any detergent and, if necessary, the damage is quite easily repaired.

The advantages of polystar

The polystar easy mechanical processing – cut, polished. Combined with other materials, without seams and cracks, it is easy to inlay. Withstands direct sunlight, do not fade, does not change shape. On the top of the furnace is possible without fear to put a hot frying pan, because it can withstand great temperature difference. In General, a material that demonstrates all the advantages of real natural stone without its drawbacks.