Advice 1: What are the types of baubles

The name of this bright bracelet presumably came from the English "thing" — "thing". Baubles were used as symbols of friendship, hippie, the persons who were exchanged, they were considered called brothers. Nowadays baubles is a lovely decoration, popular among young people, which is made manually.
What are the types of baubles

Baubles of floss

For making thread bracelets, you can use any cotton thread, but it is best to weave floss. Prepare the required number of strands for braiding, the more, the wider the bracelet will turn out. Length depends on the size of decoration, usually no more than 1 meter.
Floss is a special yarn is designed for embroidery. Usually in Hanks from 8 to 20 m, so one skein is enough for weaving a few bracelets.

All baubles of floss knotted double knot that is tied right or left. Using only these knots, you can weave it parallel and oblique weaving, arrows, and even make a bracelet with name, inscription or picture.

Bracelets of satin ribbons

This kind baubles lagging very quickly. For one bracelet you need at least 2 ribbons with a width of 2 cm and a length of 2 metre each of contrasting colors or matching shades in one color. There are several types of bracelets from satin ribbons: square knot, braid, flat braid and so on.

For the manufacture of baubles will suit not only the satin ribbons, but the ribbons or lace. Measure the desired amount of tape equal to the circumference of the wrist, and sew each end of the clasp.
This bracelet can be decorated with beads or buttons.

Baubles bead

Very beautiful work bracelets-beaded baubles and beads. They can be woven using a special method stanochek textile, mosaic or parallel weave. Baubles beads, bright and shiny, more like a real decoration. From small beads to make name bracelet or woven bracelet with any pattern.

Baubles of laces

The first baubles that decorated his wrists to the Indians was woven with leather laces. Now in stores for needlework to purchase these laces of various colors and sizes of natural and artificial leather. In addition, sales are and a whole kit to make friendship bracelets.

All material is possible to do yourself, it needs boot old boots, handbags or gloves. Strut them on the flesh side or underside of the leather and mark the width of the future of the laces. Attach a long metal ruler and cut a sharp hobby knife.

Bracelets made of leather laces can decorate large beads, very original look jewelry supplemented with chains, nuts and pins. In addition, you can weave a bracelet out of the ordinary lace, hemp or clothesline.

Advice 2: How to weave baubles with inscriptions

Baubles – bracelets, manufactured as a gift by the donor. At the time of donation bracelet hand knotted on three nodes, with the last node to pronounce a wish to the recipient. Wear this decoration as long as it does not break. Baubles borrowed from the culture of the American Indians, who considered them a symbol of eternal friendship and loyalty. Today these bracelets are made of strips of leather, thread and beads. The drawings are very a variety of baubles: plain background, abstract ornament, animal or inscription. A very beautiful gift will be beaded bracelets with inscriptions.
How to weave baubles with inscriptions
The illustrations show diagrams of weaving letters bead in the form of hearts. Braid them on a background of contrasting color to the beads that make up the letter, stood out. The technique of weaving – "the cross". Weave the right letters in the right quantities.
How to weave baubles with inscriptions
Put tape on a flat surface. The distance between the outermost strips should be slightly less than the height of hearts. The ends of the ribbons must match in length. If the tapes open, cauterized the ends with a lighter or a match.
How to weave baubles with inscriptions
Measure your wrist who would wear a bracelet. Note the resulting length around the middle of the ribbons. Place the letter of the beads on this site. If letters are small, place them at a greater distance. If a lot and the total width exceeds the length of the bracelet, put them on edge with each other.
How to weave baubles with inscriptions
Note the location of the letters, remove them. Apply glue to the places where will be located the letter. Apply drop by drop on all tapes.
How to weave baubles with inscriptions
Depending on the type of glue, apply a drop on the back side of the letters. Attach the letters to the ribbon and leave to dry glue.
How to weave baubles with inscriptions
Take the hand of the bearer of the bauble with the words. Tie on his arm tape beautiful site.
How to weave baubles with inscriptions
Always remember that the main thing in friendship bracelets is the practice! The more time to devote to weaving, the better and faster they get.
Useful advice
To secure the stitches in the joints of the segments of the line, you can melt the ends over a candle flame. You should do it carefully and not hold the bracelet close to the flames that started to melt the other parts of the product and is not dark beads.

Advice 3: What kinds of decorations are there

What are the only decorations not exist. The choice boils down to what part of the body you need to decorate and how much Finance can be expended. But fashion has always been, and remains, precious stones and natural materials.
What kinds of decorations are there

Necklaces, necklaces, collars, chains and pendants

Necklaces come in several types, with various stones, pearl, diamond. Collars in most massive with different inserts. Chain thick and thin. Chain perfect charms. They come in different shapes and sizes, for example, they may be in the form of ornament, stone flower. From necklaces or pendants has a direction on religious themes: crosses, icons, amulets, signs of the zodiac letters.

Pendants can serve as a clock that hung on a long chain. Pendants can be in the form of a container for essential oils and perfumes. Now fashion pendants stick, they are made in different shapes and look stylish. Medallions — this is also a suspension type, the principle of opening books. They often insert photos or small memorabilia.

.Allow for your arms and legs, bracelets, chains, rings

On the wrists of the hands and feet can be more often to notice the chain, they are usually small and with small pendants. Bracelets of all shapes and sizes look great on the hands. In Vogue rings worn on the toes. The ornaments on the fingers – rings, thin, thick, with stones and insets. The rings are inscribed, woven from a variety of materials and metals. It is believed that gold and silver should only be worn on a particular finger, but it is not always the case.

Hair ornaments

Headbands and barrettes all the more striking in their beauty and originality. Even ordinary Hoop can decorate hairdo. Here a matter of taste, every hairstyle will suit a particular shape and size of the jewelry.


Earrings on the ears has always been considered a wonderful decoration. Fashion piercing not one, but several holes for earrings. Shape, length, material for them is varied. Since ancient times women tried to stand out and decorate themselves. They chose bright materials or stones used to wear massive jewelry. Now the only change is the form of jewelry. They started to push under a particular style or clothing and to match the status of his mistress.


Advice 4: How to weave baubles schemes

Baubles is a special type of craft that does not require advanced knowledge and practical skills. Their use came to us from the culture of the Indians. At first they were worn only by hippies. But gradually, these products became a stylish decoration for the young generation and older people. The bracelets have become something of a mascot bringing good luck.
How to weave baubles schemes
You will need
  • Thread, beads, glass beads, braid, embroidery floss, pins, clips.
Braid bracelets out of any available materials (thread, beads, beads, etc.). It is best to weave under the scheme. Without it, "to the eye , tie knots in a certain order will not work. Find a diagram or draw it yourself on the sheet in the box.
Some Internet resources are generation schemes at your request. For example, the schema any name you need offered on this site:
For weaving patterns, ornaments, drawings, names can be used in different number of colors: two to infinity. Decide on the scheme, what colors of thread you need and prepare them. Take the colors specified in the diagram, it is not necessary. Choose the ones which are available, or what more like. But in any case, quantitatively, the colors must match.
Gather in a knot all the threads, so they do not unravel. Then attach them in the order shown in the diagram. You can pin anywhere and on anything: stationery "crocodile , tape, safety pin, paperclip pants, tablet, table, etc.
Thread head length less than a meter, they have to be 4.5 times as long as the future baubles. But if you are going to knit the pattern, the background thread is not cut at all. Let it go from the ball: it will need a lot of and to determine the size for her is simply unrealistic. In case of error in calculation of length enough to tie another thread.
Almost any diagram, the arrows show the direction of movement of the thread during the knitting of knots. The diagonal arrow pointing to the right, means interlocking double knot the thread to the left to the right. The arrow in the opposite direction, knitting the same host thread, the right, to the left. Broken arrow in one direction or another means braiding a single node in one direction, and the second single to the opposite direction. Follow these instructions during operation.
For drawing the thread loop, and then tie it to the knots of the color that is the background. If you want to start the loop you just vivacite node thread framework instead of the main thread.
In the case of adding a third color to tie the main threads of new and vymazyvaja it the required number of nodes. The main thread thus leave behind on the reverse side. When she you need me again, again picked up her. Wrong side, of course, will look not very aesthetically pleasing, but the picture on the front side will appreciate the extraordinary.
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