Where is the Appendix and what is it

Appendicitis is inflammation of the Appendix, a hollow organ extending from the cecum. Length of the Appendix is usually in the range of 7-11 cm For those interested in which side is appendicitis, the answer is simple — the Appendix is in the lower part of the abdomen almost at right side. It is in my right side and sharp pains occur in inflammation of the Appendix.

признаки аппендицита у детей

Inflammation of the Appendix meet both acute and chronic. In 89,1% of cases the abdomen becomes a diagnosis of acute appendicitis. Chronic disease is quite rare.

Appendicitis can occur at any age but is most common in people aged 20-40 years. Does not exclude the possibility of appendicitis and children's age.

Causes of appendicitis

Clear and precise theory of the nature of appendicitis is still not there. It is believed that the inflammation occurs due to blockage of the opening between the Appendix and the caecum. Also causes of appendicitis can be:

  • In women as a result of inflammation of the appendages, the inflammatory process can move to the Appendix;
  • A person can be a carrier of a particular antigen. That is, the cause may be heredity;
  • Infectious or bacterial contamination of the walls of the Appendix;
  • Peculiarities in the anatomy of the Appendix. In particular, its length or bent can lead to stagnation;
  • Blockage of the lumen fecal.
  • Too frequent eating of meat, the violation of special diets;
  • Atherosclerosis and other heart disease can cause thrombosis of the arteries supplying the Appendix;
  • Immunosuppression;
  • Smoking, alcohol and stress can lower the immunity and resistance of organism.

Signs of appendicitis in children

Most often, appendicitis in children occurs at the age of 9-12 years. In infants this disease is extremely rare.

You first need to monitor the overall condition of the child. If he became lethargic, doesn't want to play or to do something, it can talk about any uncomfortable feelings in your baby. Signs of appendicitis in children under three years are slightly different from the signs of this disease in adults. Child can close by hand the place that hurts. Sometimes he may lie and cover up the abdomen the feet. In children under three years of pain in the body is of a wandering nature. Diarrhea, vomiting and fever can also talk about appendicitis. Another sign of appendicitis in children up to 3 years is considered dehydration. The mouth becomes dry. When the first symptoms should immediately call an ambulance.

Signs of appendicitis in children aged 3 to 7 years are substantially different. The pain is localized at first in the umbilical region and then moves to the right podvzdoshnoj. The pain of a permanent character. In some cases, the child may experience nausea and vomiting. The body temperature of appendicitis may increase up to 37, 5. But if appendicitis occurs in the background of diseases such as hepatitis, measles or dysentery, the body temperature can jump to 39оС.

Also appendicitis can be determined by turning the child on his left side. Ask his feelings. If the child has the feeling that something inside as if drawn down, it is likely appendicitis.

At the first suspicion of appendicitis in children as soon as possible to call an ambulance. Because it can burst and cause peritonitis, which can lead to death.

In medical institutions the child for diagnosis takes a blood test, a secretion test (need to keep the used diaper before arrival of doctors to collect fluid for analysis) and palpation. If the diagnosis is inaccurate, the child hospitalityat and for 6-12 hours watching.