Time management is a skill to develop is easy. You need patience, desire and self-organization. These qualities will help to find a couple of free hours, which was lacking.

Decide to start to work. Write a list of action or plan you are obliged to do during the day. Do not forget to specify the time and often refer to this schedule in order not to miss anything and not to spend time on anything not scheduled. So you will have time to do all the important things and leave time for rest or minor classes.


People spend a lot of time waiting. A trip to the transport queue in shops, in traffic jams. Take this time to good use. If you have your car, listen to an audiobook, make a plan for the evening or the next day, decide some important question. If you ride the subway, read a book or listen to it in audio.

Do not do the same thing constantly, switch. In such cases it is often advised to rest, but it is not effective. Better switch to another more interesting case.

Disconnect from the outside world. Do not go to entertainment sites and social networks, so you will lose a lot of time even if we went for five minutes, you will soon notice that I lost an hour. Sometimes the answer to a friend's message, turns into a protracted conversation.

There is always the temptation to break the plan and go walking or watch a favorite show. It always happens if there is no motivation. You must fully understand what you want to achieve and what result you wish to obtain.

Therefore it is very important to motivate yourself to work not only during the day, but weeks and months and even years.