Depending on the desire of the hostess, this casserole can be hearty, fatty meat and other additives, and lean, only with vegetables. Only you can decide. And potato casserole perfect for not very skillful or very busy Housewives.

Simple recipe for potato casserole mashed potatoes

Take: one pound of potatoes, half Cup milk, egg, tablespoon butter, 1 head onion (small), 200-250 g of minced meat, salt to taste.


Peel potatoes, boil. Mince and fry with onions.

Make potato puree with egg, milk, butter. In a baking dish (greased) or a deep frying pan put layers of mashed potatoes, stuffing, puree again. The surface of the casserole can be lubricated with butter or egg yolk and sprinkle with breadcrumbs or grated cheese. Put the casserole in the oven on a medium heat and bake until Golden brown.

Serve hot. If desired, add sour cream, mayonnaise...

Helpful hint: when you assemble the casserole, add a little boiled dry mushrooms in the stuffing. Also when frying meat, you can add to almost any vegetable (frozen or raw, cut into small pieces).

Helpful hint: do not make potato casserole is too thick to apply many layers) because in this case, you run the risk of some layers just not to propagate or top and bottom to prevent drying.