Mackerel, baked in the oven entirely

For cooking it is better to take both fresh and frozen fish. You will need:

- mackerel (about 1 kg) 1 carcass;

- onion — 1 PC.;

- parsley — 1 bunch;

- lemon — 1 PC.;

- salt, pepper — to taste.

Leave frozen mackerel to thaw at room temperature. In order not to spoil the fish, in any case, do not use the microwave or placed in warm water. It is best to thaw mackerel, by gradually changing the temperature and moving it from the freezer into the refrigerator and leave at room temperature.

To cut the fish need when she was still a little frozen, as it would beg the cleaning process. Cut the fins, head and tail, make a longitudinal incision and remove the innards. If you want to bake a whole fish, tail and head, you can leave at your will. In this case, remember that it is better to remove the gills because they can impart a bitter taste to the dish.

Grate to cut the carcass of the mackerel with a mixture of salt and pepper. Then take the foil and lay on her carcass. Foil can not be lubricated, since mackerel is a very oily fish. This fat will be enough to ensure that the fish is well cooked. Sprinkle the mackerel with lemon juice inside and out.

You must now prepare the filling: onion and any herbs rinse, finely chop and gently place in the belly of mackerel. Then wrap your fish in foil on all sides and put in the oven at 180°C for 20 minutes. Then open the door the oven mode and the Grill still bake at 220°C for about 15 minutes.

It is the grill able to make mackerel taste and special nutritional value. To overdo the fish in the oven is not necessary, because it can become dry.

Mackerel, baked in the oven whole, can bring to the table as a separate dish, as well as in combination with vegetables, for example, c mashed potatoes, vegetables or a light salad.

Use mackerel

This fish contains vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids. These are the components that increase the body's defenses, optimize hormone levels in the body and also restore metabolic processes.

Mackerel beneficial lactating women, children, and people with diseases of the cardiovascular system.