How to make a screenshot on Windows Phone

скриншот на windows

Manufacturers made it so that on all mobile phones with Windows Phone 8.1 screenshot is the same. To do this, simply hold down the power button and simultaneously press the button to increase the volume. The resulting screenshot will be automatically saved in the album "screen shots".

For Windows Phone 8 to take a screenshot. You need to hold the button with the Windows icon and press on the power key of the phone. A screenshot is ready, it remains only to see it in the "Pictures"folder.

How to make a screenshot on Android

скриншот экрана на Android

But manufacturers of Android smartphones did not care about identical ways to create a screenshot on all models. Perhaps this is due to the sheer number of different models. For example, the models of the Nexus companies LG, Asus and Samsung press the volume down and power key smartphone. And for HTC Samsung Galaxy S 2 – S4 it is necessary to simultaneously press the center button and the lock key. Button need to hold some time and then there will be a characteristic swcu srabatyvaet camera. The photo will be saved in the gallery in the screenshots folder.

How to make a screenshot on iOS

скриншот на apple

To take a screenshot on any Apple devices is possible by simultaneously pressing and holding 2 buttons "Home" and lock. The created photograph is saved in the folder "camera Roll."