You will need
  • program VLC;
  • - the Internet.
Organize the transfer of video from a webcam over the Internet using VLC. To do this, run the program, select the menu "Media", then the command "Streaming" or press Ctrl+S. Next, go to the tab "capture Device". In the option "capture Mode" install, what are you going to stream with VLC: it could be the desktop, i.e. the screen of your computer or webcam.
Click "Stream" to configure the broadcasting of the program VLC, in the opened window click "Next" you will be moved to the tab "destination Path". If you want to stream video over the network, in the "New path destination", select HTTP and click Add. In order to capture video could be broadcast locally, select "Play locally". This option can be set to debug broadcasting in VLC.
Select in the next window, the right codec, if you want to customize it. When finished, click on the button "Stream". The organization broadcasts in VLC completed, your results are available to view in any video player, to do this, go to http:// "Your IP":8080/.
To provide broadcast channels on the server using VLC, go to menu "File", click Open Network Stream, then in the tab "Network" select the item UDP/RTP Multicast, enter the address, port 15567. In paragraph Customize enter udp://@
Organize your video server, to do this select menu "File", and in it the command "Master", select the "Broadcasting network", then define a stream for broadcasting, specify its type and format, e.g., MPEG PS/TS. Specify the packet lifetime (TTL). Click the Finish button.