Such a granite floor will attract the attention of visitors with its high-gloss, reflective objects. Polishing granite coverings are show figure and color stone outdoor surface. But this floor is better not to put in rooms with high humidity, as the surface may become slippery and this is unsafe.

Granite processing, you can create a smooth and matte surface. This option is very clearly draws the picture of stone, which is also perfectly decorate office interiors. Be sure to grind granite. The procedure is performed every six months or a year. She gives it a freshness and beauty, and will make the surface less slippery.

This procedure is grinding a lot more often sought after in a successful office. Granite flooring can handle and heat method, but in this case the surface will not look good. It will begin to stand out pretty puckered lips.

Stack of granite floors using the diluted solution, which is applied to previously prepared and cleaned surface. In this embodiment, the floor plates can already be pre-polished. In another method of stacking solution is prepared without the use of sand.

On it are placed on the slab of granite that has not been polished. Such a granite floor will be grinding at the completion of all paving works. Correctly installed granite floors in the office will last more than one decade. Today, there are many prestigious repair companies that will be able to perform the laying of granite flooring in your office.