There are two methods of germination of kidney beans, you can choose the most suitable.

How to sprout beans at home

Beans are necessary to sort, to remove the damaged seeds and those that have traces of mold. Thoroughly rinse them in warm water.

Take a flat wide dish, put the bottom of either thick cotton or any other thick cloth, if the seeds a bit, then on the bottom put cotton pads). Pour a little warm boiled water (water should be good to dampen the cloth, then lay the washed seed.

Top seeds cover with a piece of gauze moistened in warm water. Put a dish of beans in a warm place where the temperature does not drop below 25 degrees.

After five to six hours, the seeds thoroughly but gently rinse, then cover with gauze and leave in a warm place. This procedure is repeated every seven to nine hours.

After 36-48 hours the seeds will sprouts appear, after which the procedure of germination can be used to terminate or continue, but no more than two days.

How to sprout beans for food

Beans sorted through to remove debris and the seeds. Thoroughly to rinse. Put beans in a jar and cover them with room temperature water. The soaking should continue for three to five hours.

After soaking, the water must be drained and the seeds rinsed. Put beans in a jar, cover it with a piece of gauze, folded in two or three layers, put in a warm place (it is worth remembering that if you keep seeds in the dark, they will contain more vitamin B2, and if in the light of vitamin C).

In five to seven hours beans rinsed. The procedure is repeated every seven to nine hours. After 36-48 hours the seeds will germinate.

To store the sprouts should be solely in the fridge. Seeds will stay fresh for about three days.