An important role in the daily victories or defeats for kids played by the presence of parents nearby. In moments of victories we experience pride and happiness, we rejoice in their achievements. Sometimes we are a little sad and anxious when the child is not everything.

The task of parents is to understand the nature of the child. But it is necessary not only to understand it, but accept it for what it is. Is the key to successful development of the baby. You need to subtly direct his energy in the right direction. Only in this case your efforts will not be empty and will bring the desired results. You will help tact and delicacy. In some cases it is necessary to make concessions to the kid.

All children are unique, special in its development and character. No need to compare it with peers. Also, do not pay attention and dwell on all sorts of tablets on the children's development indicating the degree of mastery of defined skills and abilities. Because naturally, if your child does not fit into this framework: maybe he is lagging, or Vice versa, ahead of the indicators.

Many psychologists and pediatricians believe that the most important emotional habits are laid in the first three years of baby's life. They have a great impact on his development as a person. Try to devote to the child more time to pay more attention, take more care. Because you make him feel secure, loved and United with his family. Note that children who do not know love, warmth and care of parents, in the future I can not trust other people, do not know how to Express their true feelings. Apathy and depression accompany them.

For older children it is necessary to make demands. You will have to bend the line with his education at any age. This is to ensure that he unquestioningly listened to you, not argued, took your comments into consideration and not ignored.

A significant role in the formation of certain traits, qualities children play with different characters. Be different can the children not only brought up in different families, but also brought up among the parents. This sometimes leads us to wonder why the youngest child is so different from the older. These differences lay in the nature even from birth. But also the style and methods of education affect the emergence of these differences.

Therefore, your influence in the early stages of developing the child's personality directly influences the development of his skills, internal qualities.