If flushed the antifreeze came out the flakes of scale, the cooling system, it is time to rinse. Formed on the walls of the plaque to soften, in order to remove it. Make it alkaline or acidic solutions. However, such liquids not only removes the scales, but also harm the cooling system, so don't get too often to make it clean.

What are the solutions for flushing the cooling system most common

Prepare a 5% solution of caustic soda (50-60 g per liter of water) or a solution of sodium carbonate (100-150 g per liter of water). One of these solutions must be poured into the engine cooling system and pour in 10-12 hours. Then pour water or antifreeze.

6% lactic acid solution is poured into the cooling system is heated to 30-40 °C. this Is washing liquid by dissolving one kilogram of 36% strength lactic acid in five liters of water. After filling the solution will begin releasing carbon dioxide. As soon as this stops, you need to drain the fluid and flush the cooling system with plain water.

0,5% solution of bichromate of the engine cooling system is filled for 15 minutes. For preparing the wash fluid on the basis of hydrochloric acid per liter of water take 53 ml of active substance. The system is filled the resulting solution, and after draining several times washed with water.

The cooling system of the new car is better to wash out the normal boiled water. The engine should idle for about 20 minutes. After this the water from the system is drained. If the liquid is cloudy, the procedure is repeated. The result should come out the same clean water, some flooded.

Flushing the engine cooling system special tools

Sale in specialized stores chemicals there are special liquids for rinsing of the cooling system of the engine. This professionally prepared compositions which not only effectively, but also the most gently remove scale and plaque from the walls.

Ingredients such liquids are different detergents in the complex. That is why special solvents remove different types of stains that can occur on the inner surfaces of cooling systems. When using these tools, you need to carefully read the instructions and follow it strictly. Usually after flushing the system with a special solution, we again need to rinse it with water to remove residual substances.