Breeds of hairless dogs

Как ухаживать за беременной собакой

There are not many breeds of hairless dogs, however, deciding to have such an animal, you will have to choose from. If you want to pet you not only a friend but a security guard, and not worse than the cat exterminating small rodents, pay attention to the American hairless Terrier. These dogs reach the withers 45 cm, weight – 13 pounds. Of course hairless Terrier can not defeat an adult, however, he will try to do it. These Terriers are active and cheerful, they are loyal companions and prefer everywhere accompanied by the owner. Many allergies are not able to keep the house animals, get along well with this breed.

уход собакой китайской хохлатой пуховой где её нужно чесать

Chinese crested – dog with exotic appearance. This small, graceful animal, reaching at withers 30-35 cm will be a true friend, active, loyal and inquisitive. The body of these dogs is not completely devoid of hair. They have luxurious bangs, long mane and cuffs on the legs, and sparse hair on the exposed areas of the skin.

Как выбрать щенка китайской хохлатой собаки

The Mexican hairless dog is an ancient breed, it is highly revered by the Indians. It was believed that this dog can heal people from many diseases. In any case, it can be a great companion and protector, smart and sensible. Despite its small size (depending on the varieties meet dog's growth from 25 to 60 centimeters), the dog will endeavor to protect the owner.

Caring for a hairless dog

At first glance it may seem that caring for a bald dog needed to be easy. Indeed, it does not need to be trilingual, cut and comb out, you will get rid of hair on the carpet and clothes, but the contents of these Pets has its own nuances. Skin care naked dog is comparable to caring for human skin. The animal should be washed at least once a week. After bathing you should moisturize your pet's oils to prevent skin dryness. In the spring, summer and early autumn, when the sun is particularly active, the dog before the walk, you must treat sunscreen to prevent burns. In the winter hairless dogs need warm clothes and shoes frostbite of the feet can be dangerous. Chinese crested rare wool, so they require regular hair removal. However, all the complexity of care outweighs the unusual appearance and a cheerful, flexible and true to the character of representatives of the hairless breeds.