How to check your vocabulary

The amount of vocabulary depends on the level of your education, education, areas of communication and professional activity. In modern methods of language teaching there are a number of different ways such a test. If you decide to know the amount of active inventory, then go to the tests and dictionaries. Otherwise you need to take the help of professionals.

Independent verification

One of the simplest ways to check the used in speech number of words is the dictionary. Take the Explanatory dictionary of the living great Russian language under the editorship of V. I. Dahl and count how many on average do you find familiar words on one page. If the meaning of the word is unfamiliar, it is not necessary to fix it. Next, you need to multiply this number by the number of pages, and you get the approximate result. This method is approximate, but its effectiveness proved by practice.

If you want a more detailed analysis of your vocabulary, then make a notebook of synonyms. The essence of this method is to pick up as many synonyms for a selected word. It is necessary to build a synonymic line, which will capture your active vocabulary. The greater the number of synonyms you will be able to pick up, the higher your vocabulary activity. If you want to add to the list of known antonyms.

A professional inspection

In the Russian educational system to test knowledge of commonly used test items, with which you can quickly determine the level of proficiency. The tests used to verify the vocabulary is built on the quantitative principle. That is, you propose a number of tasks with a variety of lexical forms which need to be recognized in a number of other and complement the well-known synonyms. A significant role in the definition of active vocabulary are the sphere of consumption. The texts for the tests are taken, usually from the spoken and official spheres. To pass this test, you need to contact any educational institution where there is a testing center. In this case, after the assignments you will be given a certificate which will reflect the results. It is also possible to take an online test on various educational portals. However, you should learn as much as possible about the selected site, because the Internet you can stumble upon fraudsters.

Regardless of the method of testing your vocabulary, you must actively replenish and develop. This will help to develop professional and General cultural competence, an important prerequisite for the harmonious interaction of the individual in modern society.