You will need
  • - Passport;
  • - birth certificates of children;
  • - marriage certificate;
  • documents for housing;
  • - revenues.
If you need that your family was deemed poor, refer to a specialist social protection that covers your area of residence. Write a statement in the approved form. Attach to the application copies of documents (originals) a passport or other document confirming your place of residence. You will also need the documents that define the composition of your family. If you have children under 14 years - birth certificate of child/children. If you married a certificate of marriage. Husband/wife be taken into account in the composition should not. In this case, the family is incomplete, with a certain number of children. Imagine a document on premises. The tenancy agreement is taken into account.
The specialist will ask for income for each of the family members. Time prior to the submission of the application, ranging from 3 months to a year. That is, the income may be required and for the last three months, and six months and a year. It depends on local laws. In this case, the income will be taken into account in addition to salary and allowances of a soldier, and all types of pensions, and scholarships, and compensation payments for childbirth and pregnancy, and unemployment benefits, and child allowance.
If any payments you have not received, you will have to provide information about the receipt of payments, benefits and allowances. If someone is able-bodied members of the family not working or employed informally, ask for a copy of the workbook, a certificate confirming the status of unemployed.
For the informally employed have a special form, you indicate your income level. Just do not think that you will succeed to mislead the employee's social protection. Your income will check in the database, combining tax and pension payments, other revenues the citizen number SNILS. To do this, you will be charged an additional letter of consent to the processing of personal data.