Advice 1: Is it permissible in the courtyard of an apartment house the fry

Warm days always inspire to relax in the fresh air, preparing traditional for the rest of the kebabs. But often someone fails to travel to the country, and someone its just not there. The resourceful citizens have found a way out of the situation that the fried kebabs in the yard of his house. And we are not talking about private residences or cottages – people tolerate the braziers on the local area conventional apartment buildings.
Is it permissible in the courtyard of an apartment house the fry
The question of whether in the yard of an apartment house the fry, rather ambiguous from a moral point of view. When you do, it seems that there is nothing wrong. However, when the kebabs under your Windows, somebody else is just irritating. Probably why more often on the Internet people are wondering, where to complain about their neighbors, not looking for information about how it is legal.

Possible consequences

As such fire safety regulations prohibit frying in the backyard barbecue - no. And the punishment is threatened only if the citizens are bred outdoor fire that is cooking the meat on the fire, not the grill. Then they can issue a warning or even issue a fine from one to one and a half thousand roubles. Make it can only a police officer, which usually cause unhappy neighbors. After their treatment being tested, on the basis of which the decision against kebab fans.

As such, the complaints that someone is grilling in the backyard barbecue, the police practically does not arrive. However, this holiday is often associated with the revelry in big companies, but that is another point. In fact the police have nothing to show peacefully roasting meat people, if they behave quietly and do not drink alcohol. In a situation where they begin to wash down the barbecue with a beer or something stronger, then they can be brought to administrative responsibility under part 1 article 20.20 of the administrative code and fined.

It turns out that grilling in his backyard — a very real possibility. Importantly, to comply with all necessary requirements.

Fry skewers in the yard

Recipes barbecue – weight. A method for roasting in the courtyard of an apartment building – the only one. First and foremost rule: meat should roast in a barbecue or some other special building. Open fire is unacceptable. Second: you must be at least seven meters away from homes or garages. Third and last: you must be available two-gallon bucket of water, or even better – a small fire extinguisher. Provided you follow these simple instructions, the penalty does not threaten you.
In addition, you should carefully ensure that the height of the fire was not more than half a meter. If the street the wind picks up, the flame should be immediately extinguished.

Thus, any prohibitions desire to make a barbeque in his backyard will not meet. In any case, the legislature. And that's how a similar situation would react the neighbors – largely depends on your relationship with them.

Advice 2: How to fry a shish kebab

Before frying the kebabsand it needs to be marinated. The best way to cook the skewers of pork neck, then the meat will be more juicy and tender. It is not necessary to prepare the skewers of carbonate or ham, or he will be lean and hard.
How to fry a shish kebab
You will need
    • Meat
    • marinade
    • saucepan
    • grill
    • coal
    • ignition
    • skewers
    • knife.
The easiest way to marinate kebab, is the soaking of meat with vinegar, salt, pepper and onions. Meat marinated in vinegar, very soft, but very often has a very pungent smell of vinegar. Instead of vinegar, you can add lemon juice or pomegranate juice. The number of ingredients used depending on the weight of the meat and personal tastes.
Based on marinating kebabs is always to use a bow. The optimal amount of onions should be the same as meat. Onions don't need to grind, it is best cut into rings.
Meat is cut into large pieces, about 4cm on 4cm. If the pieces of meat are small, they will burn quickly.
Chopped onion have to mash with your hands until the juice. This is necessary in order to barbecue well soaked onion juice and become fragrant and soft.
On the bottom of the pan is placed a layer of onions, and on top rests spicy meat. Then layer greens, onion and meat again. The last layer should be a bow. All filled with cooked marinade, and pressed tightly with a plate. On the plate you need to put oppression, appeared to juice, and the meat is better than the real thing. The duration of marinating is approximately 12 hours in the refrigerator.
When the meat is marinated, and the fire already burned to embers, then you can start stringing kebab on skewers. It is best to use flat and long skewers so the meat was easy to flip. The meat on the skewers should not droop to avoid burning.
To check on availability skewer need, scoring the meat with a knife. If the juice is dripping red, the frying must be continued. If the crust is already browned and no pink juice, the shish kebab is ready.
Useful advice
To when frying the skewers don't burn, you need to constantly turn and follow the no meat chopped onion. The fry is only possible when the coal is already burned and there is no fire.
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