What is paint the grid?

Painting the mesh are also called "junctions". It is a cloth with a mesh of 2x2 mm (and more) made of fiberglass impregnated with a composition that is resistant to alkalinity. Externally, the junctions resembles a bandage or gauze. This material is used as reinforcement in the sealing and plastering of the walls. It can stick to any surface: brick, concrete, drywall, fiberboard, particleboard, OSB, etc. Paint the grid is non-toxic, water and frost resistant, has extremely low Flammability. These properties serpyanka allow you to apply it in the external and internal works.

An indicator of the quality of the mesh is its resistance to rupture. This characteristic is determined by the mesh size of serpyanka and thickness of glass of which it is made. You can buy it in any store that sells construction materials.

How and where to use painting the mesh?

During finishing work, there is always a need to strengthen the plaster. To do this, use a paint grid. It should be located between the layers of a solution, with which line the wall.

The use of serpyanka necessary in the following cases: when finishing window and door openings; with the incorporation of wide and deep cracks; in places where the sheets of material from which made the walls (e.g., drywall); in the corners; if the composition of a cement-sandy solution of the excess sand or cement, which is below the required grade; if the room humidity. Paint the grid improve adhesion of finishing layers of the solution, will take part of the load will increase the strength of the covering material.

Depending on the cell size characteristics and scope of serpyanka can change. It can be used when laying tiles, carrying out insulation works to reinforce weak surfaces in the course of restoration, with the reinforcement of flooring, the installation of the roof.

Laying serpyanka is in two ways. If you allow the strength of the base, the masking tape is adhered to the PVA glue (or any other water-resistant composition), stretch, spread. After drying the adhesive layer on top of serpyanka put a layer of plaster. It is noticed that for painting the grid, it falls evenly.

When you run putty or plastering, serpyanku is attached to a pre-applied layer of the solution. Fiberglass tape should be slightly recessed in it, but do not touch the base of the wall. If you want to make a thick plaster layer (for example, flattening the surface), it is recommended to lay multiple layers of serpyanka.