Medical certificate about passing an x-ray study is necessary at this time almost everywhere – at receipt in educational institution, when applying for a job in the organization of public catering, medical institutions and some service that require registration of health books.

In addition, by using this examination, your doctor can make sure that the patient did not have a complications of diseases, for example, pneumonia, heart failure, or to eliminate the risk of developing TB to prevent a heart attack.

How often you need to do x-rays

In routine medical examinations that should take place every man, the x-ray is recommended at least once a year. In addition, such inspections are obliged to take all who have a professional activity is connected with the processing or sale of food, cooking, service people, for example, in hairdressing or beauty salons, canteens, cafes and restaurants, kindergartens and schools. The results of studies made in the sanitary book and are considered valid for one calendar year. In these cases, the results of chest x-ray valid for a year.

People with chronic heart disease, or lung the frequency of the passage of x-rays is determined by their attending physician, and may be 1 year, 6 or 3 months, depending on the diagnosis, complexity and intensity of the disease and the results of other laboratory tests. Accordingly, the validity of the certificate on passage of x-rays is determined individually.

How is x-ray screenings

Fluorography is performed on the principle of x-ray radiation, and ordinary people often confuse them. But the method is radically different from each other.

To do x-rays often without good reason and without the advice of a medical professional is impossible, as in the course of her radiation exposure to the patient occurs to a much greater extent than with conventional x-ray examination, but the effectiveness and accuracy of it is much higher, for example, in the detection of tuberculosis.

With the help of a special apparatus performs the chest area, shots which are printed in a reduced form, but with a very high resolution image. The results of the survey are recorded on a special form, which is transmitted to the attending physician or reflected in the health book of the patient.

Modern technologies allow to do without film way of creating imagery that helps to significantly reduce the time to receive results of the survey. Image with x-ray apparatus is displayed on the monitor screen and is stored in the database of the medical institution.