The real cancer of the cervix

Crayfish - arthropods that are found in freshwater reservoirs in many regions of Russia. Some fans think their meat is a real delicacy and prefer it to meat of other sea and river inhabitants. Theoretically are edible many parts of the body cancer, for example, meat, claws and ROE, however, the most fleshy part is called the cephalothorax - the body part is formed by fused parts of the breast and head cancer, which experts in the study of these arthropods are also called Latin word "cephalothorax".

Among fishermen and ordinary lovers of cancerous meat a term, of course, is used very rarely. A much more common name of this delicious body part of a crayfish are the terms "tail" or "neck". In the case that this word is used outside of the context from which we can clearly understand, whose is the tail or the neck talking to him decided to add the adjective "cancerous" - accordingly, the "tail cancer" and "neck cancer".

While the meat of crayfish is usually used in cooked: they should be boiled for 10-15 minutes, then the pan needs to be removed from the heat and allow the crayfish to stand there for another 10 minutes. In the cooking process they become bright red color, and it covers the entire surface of the body of cancer, including, of course, beloved by gourmets neck. This, incidentally, became the basis for the emergence of another common expression is "scarlet".

Candy "cervical Cancer"

Thus, the cause of so unusual at first glance, the name for hard candy on closer examination turns out to be quite simple: it is ordinary resemblance of these confectionery products, including boiled crawfish tails. In this case, despite the fact that its primary fame "cervical Cancer" was in Soviet times, they were invented much earlier.

The recipe of these sweets offered in the nineteenth century, supplier of the Imperial court, the well-known pastry chef Alexei Ivanovich Abrikosov. He first noticed a funny similarity of caramel with boiled crayfish necks and gave it a name. By the way, he became the inventor of the recipe and the author of the name of caramel with an equally interesting name - "Crow's feet".

Currently the name of the candy "cervical Cancer" has actually become a household name to refer to the whole of caramel, made by this or a similar recipe. However, sales sometimes you can find candies of similar species, called "Crustaceans".