First diaper rash under the breast are signs of mild forms of dermatitis. Although sometimes they can be a symptom of fungal diseases.
Often redness in the crease under the breast and between the Breasts occur in fat women in the summer. Provoke skin irritation can synthetic underwear, excessive sweating, lack of hygiene. Diaper rash, felt fine rashes and itching.
Although irritation under the Breasts is not dangerous to health at its first signs it is better to take immediate action. If you run the problem, it may cause damage to the skin. But if the wound gets bacteria, disease may be complicated by the accession of infection. In this case, it is necessary to visit a doctor. Especially if the rash started smelling like sour milk.
At the first signs of diaper rash you need to tighten hygiene. Wash the Breasts with soap and water several times a day, carefully drying all the creases. Use of zinc ointment and baby powder with no odor every time I go outside. You can also put under the chest flaps cotton fabric. In addition, adult females redness in the folds of the bust you can sprinkle regular potato starch.
You can fight diaper rash with oils. Every woman is free to decide whether to use her boiled olive, flax or almond oil, or purchase in a drugstore baby oil without fragrance. Both the means used to treat diaper rash in babies, so both are safe for health.
If rash under the breast associated with allergies, the usual popular recipes here will not help. Be sure to consult with your doctor. He prescribed an ointment and pills, as an allergic irritation of the need to treat not only locally but also internally.
Also with diaper rash well help decoctions of herbs: chamomile, calendula, succession, oak bark. You can use each plant separately or to make collection, taking the herbs in equal proportions. The part you need to fill the thermos, pour boiling water and infuse for hours. Warm broth is applied to washed and dried body. Then you want to lie back, lifting the chest. When the broth dries, you can dress.
Worth a try on the diaper aqueous solution of propolis (sold in pharmacies) or propolis ointment. To prepare the ointment should be melted in a water bath 50 g of petroleum jelly, cool it to 60°C and add 10 g of crushed propolis. Then heat the mixture to 80°C and mixed thoroughly for 10 minutes. Strain the ointment through several layers of gauze, continuing to stir until complete cooling.