You will need
  • A sheet of paper, a pencil, a eraser.
Prepare the materials that you will need for the job. Place a piece of paper (the blank cards, ready drawing) vertically or horizontally. Using a simple pencil and begin to do the work.
To draw a Daisy, start with eye (core). Draw on paper a small circle is enough. If you draw a flower in the future, then the eye will need to outline in the form of an elongated horizontal oval.
Next draw the petals. If the eye is drawn straight (in a circle), then also place the petals in a circle, starting to draw from the core of the flower. Mark them as elongated ovals. The length of each petal should be at least one and a half times larger than the diameter of the core. Then each petal is slightly narrow at the base, "cut off" slightly the edges of the oval. The end of the petal gently zakruglenie or Vice versa, do a little bit spicy. If you draw a Daisy in the long term, that near to you the petals are much wider than long.
Using the eraser erase the unnecessary lines. Indicate the stalk of chamomile. Basically, it is straight or slightly curved, but in any case not wavy. Stem start painting from the flower, gradually taking the line down. Its thickness should not be too large.
Draw the flower leaves. First mark them in the form of small ovals (the length of the petal is slightly greater than the length of the petal), and then verify the pattern. The base of the leaf narrow, and its end slightly sharpen or make several small denticles. Eraser to remove extra lines. The number of leaves on a single stalk may be small – for example from one to four.
Swipe a thin vein along the length of each petal. The leaves indicate the first one the Central vein (along its length) and then draw a few branches off. By eye daisies can apply a light mesh of a cross-line (latticed).
How to draw a Daisy with a pencil in stages
Depending on the nature of the pattern will continue with the composition. Draw several daisies in a vase, or continue the ornament cards, depicting flowers.