You will need
  • white paper for drawing or painting;
  • tablet;
  • - a set of pencils of different degrees of hardness;
  • - eraser.
Decide which rose you are going to portray. It can be a Bud with tightly closed petals fully opened or a lush flower. To image was extremely realistic and accurate, please be a picture of roses so you will understand how to better apply the shadow and light reflections.
First, build the basis for future flower. On a sheet of paper, draw a long cone without a base. Inside the extended portion of the cone set spiral hint of tightly closed petals.
Start to "dress" rose. Around the core, draw a smooth line going from the extended part to the base of the cone. Back off half a centimeter from the first line and do a second, interlocking at the base. Turned tight petal with rolled edge.
Repeat the receiving, drawing another lobe on the other side of the cone. Gradually pririsovyvat following. The petals have to go in a circle, gradually expanding. Don't forget to draw the rolled edges – it will make the flower fluffy.
Giving rose enough volume, draw widely deployed outer petals. They have the appearance of uneven semi-circles. The edges of the petals to make a slightly angular, and in the center a light touch to mark the crease. Don't aspire to geometric – the beauty of a live rose in her asymmetry.
After finishing the sketch, do some drawing highlights and shadows. Light touches obscure the inner part of the petals at the same time tracing their outlines thinner pencil line. For Ratuszowy use a soft, sharpened pencil.
Along the planned outer petals in the middle of the folds lay a thin strip of shade. Make the heart of the flower. In the process of applying eye shadow eraser remove bad touches. Tracing the contours of the subtle but vivid pencil line.
Inspect the figure. If you want to add to the flower leaves. In the lower part of the figure draw a number of broad leaves indent on the edges. Subtle touches mark the veins and fill them in with light gray tone. Erase the auxiliary circle and touches each leaf with a soft pencil.