What is prohibited with endometriosis? Initially, this disease has suffered a "virgin of God" because of the lack of sexual activity. Today, however, this diagnosis can get as a young girl and a woman in years, and it does not depend on the regularity of their sex life.

If in simple terms, endometriosis is a disease in which malignant cells-endometrium spread throughout the body, attach themselves to internal organs, but continue to perform the same functions as in the uterus – that is, to menstruate. This leads to the following symptoms:

- quite a strong nagging pain in my lower stomach, increasing to the beginning of menstruation;
- pain during intercourse;
- worsening of mood, insomnia, decreased performance and irritability.

For efficient treatment from the disease your doctor will prescribe you the necessary medicines, but in addition to medication, a woman should follow a certain lifestyle.

The sun is your enemy

Of course, about the benefits of sunlight say very much, but for patients with endometriosis prolonged sun exposure (especially fire) is injurious to health. This is due to the fact that during sunbathing female body begins to actively produce female hormones (estrogens). However, with the development of endometriosis our body and so produces an excessive amount of these hormones. Therefore, the process of obtaining a beautiful tan can lead to negative development of this serious disease.

Is there a special diet for patients with endometriosis?

A diet that will help faster and easier to transfer the disease follows two basic principles – reduce the amount of estrogen and the immune system. Estrogens usually get into our body due to food in animal fats. Is it possible to completely eliminate them from your diet? No, because even in lean meat is a small percentage of the good fats. Therefore, the main task is to eat lean meat within 200 gr. a day. You should also limit yourself in fatty fish, and low fat should be included in your daily diet, without restriction. Special attention should be given to such fishes as the herring, sardines and mackerel – they contain substances that contribute to the suppression of prostaglandins that facilitate the disease.

It should be avoided foods that contain caffeine – coffee, tea, soda and chocolate.

Small tips finally

• Stop to use tampons. Of course, with the active urban life convenient, but they impede the normal flow of blood, whereby the blood is thrown back into the abdominal cavity and the tube.
• Do not limit yourself in active physical activities. They should exercise, but avoid heavy loads. The most useful exercise for patients with endometriosis – aerobics with inverted poses and running in place.
• Of course, it is necessary to establish the mode of the day, to take more than 8 hours per day for restful sleep.