Entrepreneur can run two activities – commercial and non-commercial. The business pursues the main objective – income. Non-profit activities has many purposes, the profits from which the Commission does not fall under the income category.

Registration of commercial enterprises primarily involves interaction with tax authorities, pension Fund and social services, payments are made with income.

There are several legal forms (OPF) businesses whose registration will enable the entrepreneur to conduct a legitimate business and be protected at the legislative level.

It is individual entrepreneurship (SP), limited liability company, (LLC), joint stock companies open and closed (JSC, JSC).

Individual entrepreneur

Sole proprietorship the most common and the simplest OTF, register, which can be any competent adult citizen of the Russian Federation. In exceptional cases, stipulated by the legislation, register, SP and Teens under the age of sixteen years. Check the SP occurs without formation of legal entity.

The advantages of IP are a simplified accounting, the absence of legal address. For the sole proprietorship does not require Charter and the presence of the authorised capital.

The disadvantage of the PI is his responsibility before creditors for all his physical possessions.

The limited liability company

To register a LLC can one person and a group of founders. Registration requires the compilation of the Charter, authorized capital, which may not be less than 10 000 and a legal address, which may not coincide with the address of residence, but may not coincide with the address of the location of actual production.

The LLC members are responsible within their share of the share capital, which shall be terminated by liquidation of the enterprise.

Joint stock company

For registration of joint stock companies there are regulations on the size of the authorised capital, which is divided between the parties through the JSC shares. Regulation exists for the number of shareholders. JSC the number of participants cannot exceed 50. Otherwise, there is a need to change the type of the private open joint-stock company or to hold the transformation in the company. Registration is similar to OOO, just check the AO is supplemented by the paragraph about the issue of primary shares.

And OOO and AO are registered with a legal entity can be liquidated or reorganized in accordance with the law. In regard to SP is only possible termination of registration, payment of UI debt binding until their maturity.